Enriched and Updated Electronic Edition (Kallipos 2023) of the Classic Book "Partial Differential Equations" (G. Dassios, K. Kiriakie, P. Vafeas)

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Μερικές Διαφορικές ΕξισώσειςThe book entitled "Partial Differential Equations" was originally written and published in 1994 by the first two authors of its present form. During these almost thirty years it was used as a textbook in many departments of higher education in both science and technology. 

Based on this experience, we felt it was time for this book to be improved. The improvements lie, in our view, not only in the new excellent form of the publication, having used the electronic typesetting system LATEX, but also in specific interventions in parts of the previous edition, in enrichment with new examples and exercises from the applications, in the redesign of all shapes and in the creation of new diagrams using LATEX. The addition of an extensive appendix dedicated to Fourier Analysis, as well as an appendix related to basic principles of Numerical Analysis, are areas that offer useful techniques for dealing more fully with the issues dealt with in the book. In this new form of the book, the contribution of the youngest third member of our writing team is very important. Apart from the fact that the electronic version of the book is compatible with the spirit of the times, we chose to contribute with this effort to the action "Kallipos", because we believe that this platform provides new access possibilities to students and it is the modern framework that is particularly useful and should be widely supported and adopted.

Book Website: https://repository.kallipos.gr/handle/11419/10436