Stelios Varchanis and John Tsamopoulos are the Winners of the 2022 Walters Prize

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JNNFMThe Editors of the Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics (JNNFM) and Elsevier are delighted to announce the winners of the sixth Walters Prize. This annual award recognizes the best paper among those published within the previous year and runners up from the previous award, as judged by the prize committee. The award is named in honour of Professor Ken Walters FRs, founding Editor of the Journal:

Varchanis, S., Haward, S.J., Hopkins, C.C., Tsamopoulos, J., Shen, A.Q. 
Evaluation of constitutive models for shear-banding wormlike micellar solutions in simple and complex flows 
Volume 307, 2022, 104855

The Prize will be officially presented at the XIXth International Congress on Rheology (ICR2023), in Athens, Greece, from July 29th to August 4th, 2023.

Professor Ken Walters FRS

Ken completed his PhD at the University of Swansea in 1959 under James G. Oldroyd. His thesis was entitled ”Some Elastico-Viscous Liquids with Continuous and Discrete Relaxation Spectra”. Thereafter moving to the university of Aberystwyth, where he became Professor in 1973. He is currently a distinguished Research Professor in the Institute of Mathematics and Physics.

His many honours include Gold medal of the British Society of Rheology, Fellow of the Royal Society, Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Engineering, Weissenberg Award of the European Society of Rheology, President of the European Society of Rheology, Chairman of the International Committee on Rheology. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France, in 1988, by Strathclyde University, Scotland, in 2011, and by Aberystwyth University in 2016. In 2014, Professor Walters was elected as a member of the International Academy of Engineering.